Etonic Soft-Tech Dress Shoes

If you’re looking for a line of dress shoes that looks fashionable but will come up with top satisfactory assist, traction and motion manage, check out Etonic’s series of Soft-Tech footwear.

The shoe SFT20-1 is available in Black/Black, White/Black and White/White. It may additionally seem like your wellknown leather dress shoe on pinnacle, but flip the SFT20-1 over and you will see an military of colourful “spikes”. This is what Etonic cash the PowerPlay outsole device. Six spikes underneath the ball of your foot and three beneath your heel help you to effortlessly grip the floor and hold your stability. This in flip contributes to the long-time period safety of your ankles, knees and hips.

The interior of the SFT20-1 isn’t always too shabby either! The lining is described as “butter-smooth” – a mainly attractive description for people who be afflicted by bunions, calluses, blisters, corns, hammertoe or claw toe. Or for people who want to proactively shield their feet from minor injuries in deformities (i.E., that is a wonderful characteristic for diabetics). The insole is removable, so one can both permit you to alter the dimensions of your shoe to deal with foot swelling, or to insert your personal custom designed orthopedic insoles. The cloth of the lining (Suede-Tech Microfibre) is designed to hold ft dry (and thereby contamination unfastened) with the aid of wicking moisture away from the foot.

The top is manufactured from complete-grain leather-based, as you’ll expect. But! The leather is water resistant – a very crucial function within the quest to hold your ft dry and contamination-loose. (And the waterproofing is blanketed through a 12 months guarantee).

If you want a different fashion of dress shoe, take a look at out Etonic’s “Dry Essential” (DES40-14). This shoe has a few of the identical excellent capabilities as Etonic’s general dress shoe (SFT20-1) but it comes in a wider choice of fashionable hues. How does Mocha/Dark Brown sound? Or Black/Burgundy? (If you are not feeling quite so adventurous, you can order this shoe in Black/Black and White/Black.) The Dry Essential shoe has barely fewer spikes on the outsole (five in place of six) but the identical butter-smooth insole, microfiber lining and waterproof premium leather-based uppers.

Updated: June 15, 2019 — 4:18 pm

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