Running GPS Watches For High-Tech Athletes

GPS Running Watches for excessive-tech athletes are just right here. But which is the nice GPS strolling look ahead to all critical runners?

I spent numerous years of education with a coronary heart price monitor. It is the fine way to enhance my health training on the right intensity due to the fact I realize that I will not be over or under schooling. It’s also an excellent running companion because it enables me to be inspired all the time and it gives me the proof of my progress. It’s want to have the best train who has the exact facts to inform you what you want to do at every step.

After multiple years, technology got here up with a new product: the foot pod. With it paired with my education watch, I can track extra facts: actual-time going for walks velocity and distance. Now I have numerous facts in my wrist unit show. My training is getting higher and my motivation is ready for the following performance. But is this already the appropriate accomplice, or now not? Not yet…

Now, with the miniaturization of the GPS generation, the maximum crucial pc education watches manufacturers and the excessive-tech GPS firms are growing the correct partner for the runners. The going for walks GPS watch merged with computerized statistics compilation with GPS monitoring. Now I can also evaluate the records about my heart fee, my tempo, pace and distance with the route on a map after the schooling session. The analysis of my training could not be higher. If there is a rise or a slope I will are aware of it at the exact point and I will see how my frame reacts. Monitoring and studying my education records give me the opportunity to improve overall performance via planing my subsequent strolling session.

But, who better better all this technology? Which is the first-rate GPS automatic strolling watch? We have 4 important brands who’re developing the ideal runner companion: Polar, Garmin, Timex and Suunto. While Timex has handiest one version and it points very fragile and Suunto is little recognised international-extensive however with a very good product, I will consciousness in Garmin and Polar. Garmin changed into first to introduce this era in this discipline, we recognize well Garmin for its GPS on the road solutions. Garmin is the only that has greater watch models available. Starting with the Forerunner 101, an access-degree GPS-enabled private trainer for handiest $115; and ending with the complete Forerunner 405CX for $470. It has a excellent product with an brilliant software for all of the analysis we want to do. Polar is the reference brand for each person. It caters to all stages of fitness by offering a comprehensive product range and currently, it came across the GPS era. It introduces the GPS pod that you can pair along with your Polar well suited watch. On the alternative hand, Garmin contains the receiver GPS inside the watch itself and with plenty better technology and analysis.

Let me examine the Polar RS800CX MULTI with the top Garmin product: the Garmin Forerunner 405CX. Despite that Polar Software is most effective well matched with Windows (polar software program builders please take word!), in case you are a extreme runner, triathlete, coaches and also you need the entire and maximum serious analysis about your schooling or performance, this is your desire: Polar RS800CX. Garmin is greater focused on the famous market while Polar is for individuals who understand what they need, people who will enhance the RS800CX measures for broaden extra effectively their overall performance, their education, it’s miles targeted to the specialists. Garmin Forerunner 405CX can be similar to Polar RS30 G1, however is a long way from the top Polar product: RS800CX.

Updated: June 15, 2019 — 4:19 pm

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